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Invest in your influence and win more every time you communicate.

Not satisfied with your closing % or ever felt uncertain after an important client meeting? Our Sales Enablement Programs quickly boost your performance with easy -to-apply strategies! Deliver the Rockstar Results you’re capable of by developing your Customer-Facing Communication. Find out more…

Do live presentations leave you short on confidence? Stop ‘hoping for the best’ and start becoming the Star Presenter that has audiences clamoring to connect with you afterwards! At Leverage, we GUARANTEE you’ll deliver presentations that generate greater results every time. Find out more…

Upcoming Events

Sales Performance & Leadership Forum

Sat, 25 April 2020
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM EDT

Leverage Sales Training - Level One - Understanding Sales and Win More!

Sat, 2 May 2020
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM EDT

Leverage Sales Training - Level Two - Effective Sales Communication

Sat, 9 May 2020
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM EDT

Most people want to learn but resist the process of learning. Most people want to grow but resist the process of growing – what about you?  Are you ready or resisting?” – Shiraz Siddique

Our Service Offerings

How we make a difference

Group Seminars / Consulting / 1:1 Coaching

Influential Presentations

Despite strong political opposition, Winston Churchill, one of the most Influential orators of his generation, convinced a nation to go war. He once quipped, ``I am preparing my impromptu speaking points``. Even he understood the power of practice.


Sales Communication

You’ll read about many sales training sessions and perhaps have immersed yourself in methodologies like SPIN, Challenger, Value-Selling and the Sandler System – all great approaches.


Keynote/Guest Speaking and 1:1 Coaching

Through inspiring and meaningful delivery, elevating and activating a group to believe they can achieve more than before is the objective. Once the door is re-opened, organizational alignment and growth are the natural outcomes.

Find Your Leverage

About Shiraz Siddique

Several years ago, the sales organization I was leading was unable to adopt the better decision when deliberating direction for the next marketing cycle. I couldn’t shake the question, “Why doesn’t the best idea always win?” That set off a journey in which I learned to Calibrate, Calculate and Communicate my message, enabling me to Outperform, Outpace and Overcome even the whales in the industries I’ve worked in. You’ll quickly learn, just as I did, effectively communicating experiences and VPS will convert your ideas into winning ideas.

For almost 20 years, I’ve been actively training / teaching / public speaking in both the Academic and Corporate world – it’s an addiction! Simultaneously, I’ve held Sales Leadership roles generating record-settings performances over and over! I share key insights but more importantly, implementable strategies to increase your influence and ensure your ideas (product, service or idea) win every time. I’ve been blessed to be a part of so many ‘lightbulb-moments’ that generated greater influence and created better outcomes for them. I am a regular fixture as a Guest Lecturer at many educational institutions and I’ve become a go-to mentor for New Grads and budding entrepreneurs.

Teaching “Live Communication” is a personal joy, passion and mission – that’s why I GUARANTEE results! Schedule an Appt NOW!


About Leverage Consulting

At Leverage Consulting, we go beyond building successful programs – we believe in building successful people through skill, confidence and presence. We do that through dynamic delivery that focuses on Content Retention. The learning experience is deliberately designed to challenge participants through enjoyable and interactive approaches.

Our thoughtful and proven intake sessions allow us to curate and re-orchestrate your messaging to deliver the types of outcomes you’ve always believed you are capable of. Whether you or your teams communicate/present by phone or in-person, we can immediately generate growth in sales and service performance by creating communication flows that are repeatable and simple to implement. Schedule an Appt NOW!


Past Events

SME EXPO Workshop

JAN 20: Competing Against the Whales in your Industry

STC Event

JAN 25: Activating Neuro-Selling Techniques that with the Heart

Staples Event

JAN 28: Make Your Idea the Winning Idea Every Time You Communicate

Ready. Aim. Fire!

The Leverage Commitment Plan

Ready… Aim… Fire!!! And that’s what we commit to do!

Getting Ready. We commit to a thorough and exhaustive intake process ensuring we have the right information to build out a customized development program for your internal and external facing teams.

Now Aim. We commit to calibrating and re-calibrating the strategy as required to ensure your comfort.

Fire! We commit to avoiding “Ready, Aim…Aim… Aim…”. We’ll help you pull the trigger and keep the process moving forward, ultimately delivering performance-altering training sessions. 

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