Power Up!

by Shiraz Siddique

Regardless of the role you play in your organization, we all have moments when we feel pressed up against the ceiling of our capacities. We feel like we are capable of greater depth, breadth and can reach higher heights yet a perceived lack of resources like skill, time and funding can drain the passion, energy and drive it takes to experience the fullness of our potential. Sometimes we need additional power to propel us past the frustration and negativity that is prone to set in with a weaker skillset, delays, and setbacks. How do you keep moving forward when it seems like your engines are powering down all around you?

To maintain momentum and energy, look inside your Power Plant! Most sources of inertia (positive and negative) tend to be internal and not external. Here is Five Internal Power Sources you have direct influence over, you can activate to extract more from your capacity.


“Whoever lasts longer wins!”. Today’s pace of advancement feeds the need for instant gratification, yet, when was the last time you led a project that actually went according to the timelines you originally laid out? Right. Delays are inevitable so do not allow them to derail you. WAIT-Power disciplines our patients and teaches us how and when to slow down and proceed with caution. Moving too fast creates blind spots for hazards and can minimize our response times. Patience is not sexy but saves us from collisions at the intersections of life.


Most coaches are masters in the X’s & O’s of strategy in their respective sport/ industry. What separates a good coach from a great coach are the words they use to inspire their team/staff. Some of your staff might enjoy public recognition and are motivated by that moment while others might be ‘coin-operated’. Of all the types of motivation, daily verbal reinforcement of objectives and positive progress is the most cost-effective. An old proverb that governs my conversations is ‘Life and Death is in the power of the tongue.’. Choose to speak life over your endeavors – it can serve as fuel for the wildfires of growth.


When desire falls, determination and grit rise. Will-power exerts force to repel negativity and it propels the positive discipline. Keeping your foot on the gas keeps the power constantly engaged. It’s called Will-Power and not Want-Power for a reason. It is the difference between ‘doing it vs wanting to do it.’


When embarking into uncharted growth, we have one of two choices; either educate ourselves (time-intensive) or hire an expert (budget intensive). Leveraging the experience and wisdom of others is powerful propulsion. It provides an aerial drone view all around you.

Map out and template your own accomplishments from which to glean wisdom. Successes have taught you what to do and equally important are the failures that have taught you what not to do! Leverage the experiences of industry experts by reading books and amazing blogs (Like this one maybe?)!


If the saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is true then flip the script! In-sight should equal in-mind! If your motivation is family, financial goals or personal achievement, then let them serve as a constant reminder. Keeping your ‘Why’s’ clear and present, activates all the other Powers and keeps you focused longer, energy levels higher and the creativity flowing.

There will always be forces trying to flex their dominance over us so let’s Power Up our internal forces, so we can power down the external factors trying to lower the ceiling of your capacity. Ultimately these five power sources are in your control to active to get to the other side of your journey.


While simultaneously delivering record-setting sales results in various Sales Leadership roles, Shiraz Siddique has been actively training, consulting and delivering keynotes for more than 20 years in both the Academic and Corporate world. His passionate and innovative delivery style allows him to navigate past the reality that most people want to learn but do not enjoy the traditional process of learning. Through easy to apply techniques and strategies, he helps companies generate the types of results they have always felt they are capable of.


Frustrated after seeing poor ideas get adopted over far superior strategies, Leverage Consulting was founded on one question, “Why doesn’t the best idea always win?” That forced a flipside question, “Why do my prospects consistently select us over the competition?”

Whether delivering group presentations or connecting 1:1, we work with Leaders, Salespeople, and Entrepreneurs to grow their persuasion and influence. We guide our clients through the process of Calculating, Calibrating and Clearly Communicating their product, service or idea.

Our sessions are deliberately designed to challenge participants’ thinking. Our priority is to ensure the learning experience is connected, relevant and enjoyable. We go beyond building successful training programs – we believe in building successful people through skill, confidence, and presence. Ensure your idea wins in your next team meeting or client presentation.

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