Create Videos That Sell

An abundance of data suggests YOU NEED VIDEOS and it seems everyone’s saying Video Content is key!  
We agree and disagree… Yes videos are dynamic, engaging and sensory but do they sell?  
At Leverage, our focus is not Video Production but Videos that Produce Sales results. 

A lot of people feel like they can capture content on their cellphone – it’s the editing mastery that matters to reflect your brand. 

Some people may use a third party app that say, ‘make a video in 20 minutes’. Not only will it take you MUCH longer but do you have the advanced skills to master ‘their’ software? 

We specialize in Branded Video Content to support

  • Sales
  • Online learning
  • Social Media Content
  • Onsite Commercials
  • Corporate Content 

From Concept to Delivery, we are here to help YOU SELL MORE, not to make movies. Our experienced Videographers simplify the process and make it Cost effective.



Text Animations

Animate Text to draw the viewer’s attention to key points of your message.

Filming Services A-roll

A-roll footage consists of one or more people discussing a topic with the viewer. We can coach you on scripting and Delivery. Consider who your brand ambassador is going to be!

Filming Services B-roll

B-roll is supplementary footage that supports your story. It activates the concept of Show (B-roll) and Tell (A-roll) that this keeps an audience engaged while validating your product / service.


Activate neuro selling techniques by adding carefully crafted language overlaid on B-roll footage and Animation.

Descriptive Titles

Add a strong punch to key phrases that need to be highlighted throughout your video.

Dynamic Intros & Outros

Captivate and capture your audiences’ attention right from the beginning then and with a strong Call to Action.

Video Stitching Services

Anyone can capture footage on your cellphone but we have the unique skillset to Edit and produce high quality Video Content using the techniques above.

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