I do not claim to be an aquarist (a keeper of aquariums) and I also do not have a strong track record of keeping pets alive for a very long time! That has something to do with my favourite pet ever – Booger! (the genius of my 8-year-old mind came up with that name all by myself!) Booger was a green budgie and much to my Mom’s horror, I would let him out of his cage and fly around the house. Come to think of it, that might be why we had plastic on all our couches growing up (that’s another blog for another day!). At the sound of my voice he would fly back to my finger so I could place him back into his cage. Just beautiful. 

On one particular cold night, I felt Booger might be chilly, so I turned his heat lamp all the way up and move it as close the cage as possible. The next morning… let’s just say it was KFB: Kentucky Fried Budgie! (listen PETA, I was only 8 years old and still recovering from the trauma so leave me alone!)

Love of pets can be a beautiful thing, yet, I’ve seen the connection go, well too far at times. 

Take this for example…

Yup! This goldfish owner is captivating the imagination of stray cats everywhere by taking his pet water-dweller for walks. He spent his time, energy, money and brain-power dreaming, designing and constructing this prototype. All this so you too can enjoy taking your pet fish on walks for the low low price of $???.99! 

Sometimes the passions we hold are not universally shared enough to captivate others to the same degree as we are. Research at times is avoided for two main reason; 1) Effort and 2) not wanting to hear a differing view. 

Talk to people (preferably not your pets) when you have ideas you want to chase. Find out who else is offering a similar product or service and see if they are willing to meet you for coffee. Get the checks and balances in place before your passions cost you more than you were willing to pay, take you further than you want to go and keep you longer than you wanted to stay.

Being an entrepreneur or a designer/creator is a noble endeavour so always support your pursuit with solid data to support your passions. To find out how we can assist you in quantifying your pursuits, reach out and we will be happy to help you avoid KFD: Kentucky Fried Dreams!