If you desire greater influence, learning to connect with your audience might be as important as your content. Graduating from ‘REPORTING to RAPPORT-ING’ will activate and move your audience to action!” – SS

Why doesn’t the best idea always win? Have you ever experienced an inferior idea/product/ service get adopted over yours?  Reality is, the presenter who delivers with greater clarity, connection and conviction that gets selected. Confidence is contagious! SO if we care about growing our results, it’s time to invest in our Live Communication skills.

Our preparatory methodologies will grow you into an influential presenter by engaging imaginations with relevant, short, interesting ‘Power-Points’ that drive performance.


Reading the words off a PowerPoint slide is not a presentation! Wait… what if that’s how you present? We’ll transform you into a dynamic presenter by teaching you the “Show and Tell” model. We’ll also help you decide what to keep or cut – that could be the difference between your audience keeping or cutting your pitch! Learn more…


When your audience (colleagues, staff or clients) drift you need to shift! Understanding how to read thresholds of attention span is a learnable skill that will retain their attention and focus. Building in ‘attention-keepers’ will ensure a captivating session every time! Learn more…


…and other body parts! Walking you through concepts like Mirroring and the Presidential Stance will mitigate distracting elements and make you feel more comfortable. When you’re more relaxed so will your audience. Learn more…


Just the facts’ is for police reports and courtrooms! Gaining someone’s heart and emotions can be a more effective way to the brain than data alone. We’ll show you how to win people and generate winning presentations every time! If you’re ready to be the Rockstar Presenter you’ve dreamed of, Schedule an Appt Now! [email protected]

Whether you choose the 1/2 day workshop or the 2 day workshop, we GUARANTEE the results that equal the outcomes you desire! Find out how we can customize an on-site enablement session. Schedule an Appt Now! [email protected]

We help Leaders, Salespeople and Entrepreneurs become Influential Communicators.
You will generate greater results every time. GUARANTEED.
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