I want to introduce you to my Personal Airforce that carries me through adversity and anxious moments. Their unrivaled ability to channel and conduct my nervous energy, enables me to perform in places and spaces even when the moment was perhaps bigger than me. Their names are…

  • Family
  • Purpose
  • Outcomes
  • Trust/Faith
  • Audience
  • Next Invite

Every time I name a butterfly with a reason I’m presenting, it extracts “nervous” and leaves behind pure energy. As you learn to harness the very same nervous energy that seems to derail so many others, you’ll find a propulsion of formidable force – your Personal Airforce! Learning to take your eyes off from what could go wrong mitigates the trepidation that seems to be packaged with presenting. 

Look, we’re supposed to get nervous – if you don’t, that means you don’t care! I coach and teach and invest in others because I have butterflies…

  • Butterfly #1 – Teaching fulfills one of my purposes for being on the Planet
  • Butterfly #2 – I care about the development of my audience
  • Butterfly #3 – I trust and have faith that the content is valuable
  • Butterfly #4 – I believe the audience will want to invite me back so I can grow and nurture relationships

What about you? Name your beautiful and benevolent butterflies and they’ll gift you with powerful passion turning your presentations into monumental and memorable moments! What if you can learn to channel and conduct that same energy to propel and power great performances? You are worth it and your message (product/service/idea) is worth it to!