Sales Team Enablement

According to a recent report, for every $500 investment in your Sales Training, on average you can expect an ROI of $14,500 in Sales Revenue!

A key responsibility for every sales Leader is generating consistent Sales Performances from your team. High-performing sales organizations are twice as likely to provide ongoing training compared to low-performing teams.


What Type of Sales Organization are you? WE CAN HELP!

If your organization is experiencing...

  • Under-Performing Sales Reps Pulling Down Team numbers​
  • Challenges advancing deals to Closed-Won in your pipeline​
  • Loosely defined Value Proposition Statements (VPS)​
  • Inconsistent Quota Attainment
  • Lack of Customer Relationship Depth​
  • Poor Prospecting Results​

Our initial Skillset/Mindset Assessment quickly identifies enablement opportunities. Is it Training, Incentives, Coaching or Mentorship Is it Skillset Enhancement or Mindset Enablement? Contact us now and we’ll guide you through the Performance Zones on this simple grid to develop a solid Sales Enablement Plan.




Fundamentals of Sales Performance


Fundamentals of Sales Performance


Fundamentals of Sales Performance

Understanding Sales and Winning More

These six short courses are designed to provide a strong foundation for anyone newer in their sales journey. Foundational understandings like non-verbal cues and developing strong cold-calling skills, we will explore various sales methodologies and understanding what makes your customers move their hand on the signature line.

AND, we will help you develop the right performance mindset to keep your passion burning until you begin sign all the deals you believe you can!

Your passion moves customers to action so let your smile be heard over the phone and in person! 

Understanding how to use Body Language will invariably creates longer Sales Engagement. We will focus on the power of facial expressions, particularly the eyes and mouth and how to send the right signals to your customer.

Whether prospecting over the phone or meeting customers face-to-face, mastering the non-verbal message we communicate, will automatically increase your chances of closing more business.

62% of the Buyer’s Journey tends to be complete before you engage in the sales process. 

We will explore how your customers arrived at this point and what it will take to get them all the way to finish line.

If you want to create better first sales impressions then understanding your customer’s starting point will create a fluent and smooth start with you. Ultimately comfort breeds confidence in you and your business!

Pain and Pleasure are significant motivators in the customer decision making process.

Find out how the brain perceives the message you are communicating and what signals we are sending to the decision-making processor of our brain.

If you want to partner with your customer instead of convincing them to buy, this module will equip you with a deeper understanding of what will satisfy and fulfill their needs.

Developing the right talk-tracks leads to real conversations that build trust and establish common ground. 

We will contrast Transactional, Conversational and Relational approaches. All three are will become critical to winning more as we establish logic around when to use each aproach effectively.

For those who need to estabish and continually sell into the same accounts, this module will strenghthen and lengthen customer relationships.

We all had and lament winnable deals tht we just couldn’t find a way to reel in and sign.

Understanding, practicing and mastering proven closing techniques like Creating Urgency, Assumptive and Trial closes, can make all the difference in winning deals that come down to the wire. Winning at the end matters most!

These time tested techniques will improve your confidence when closing out winnable deals. Get more out of all the hard work you put into creating your funnel.

Find out from the Apprentice of Socrates what it takes the have the right sales mindset! 

The right mindset is the difference between those who regularly hit quota and those that do not.

At the end of the day, Performance is the measurement that rules the day. If you want to consistently perform, this module will extend your energy and passion to get all the way to the finish line every month, quarter and year!

Effective Sales Communication

If you have hit a performance plateau or, desire to set your personal bests in sales numbers, this series will firmly establish your reputation as a consistent top sales performer. You will graduate from simply informing to performing. Your Sales Discovery will sound more like a conversation and less interrogation. And beyond your typical CTA (Call to Action), we will learn about the 4 CTAs that move your customer to action.

AND, no matter who you are, I will make you buy a car on the spot – you read that right! It’s that simple and you can learn how to make your sales engagements that simple as well!

Reporting the facts is for police reports and Courtrooms – not on Sales Calls! 

Breaking the tendancy to focus on product specs will allow your sales output to breakout and relationships to flourish.

If you are looking for additional ways to communicate your product, service or idea, this module will spark ideas that will lengthen your sales engagement.

Asking the right questions is important and asking them in the right way can make all the difference. 

We will explore the pace of information gathering and the ideal moments to insert better questions to get better intel to formulate better solutions for your customer.

If you want your probing questions to be more extraordinaire and less questionnaire, this module will show you how to bake and pace your questions into a conversation seamlessly.

Often overshadowed by the Buyer’s Journey, the mission you are on matters – Your Journey matters! 

Reverse engineering the Joint Sales Journey willprovide insight into the deals you thought were about to sign that fell off the path and evaporated from your sales funnel.

Grow your ability to recognize when course correction is required to keep both you and the customer headed in the same direction. The ability to pivot quickly will ensure the Joint Sales Journey arrives with Signatures and Solutions.

The right Call To Action inserted at the right moment in the Buyer’s Journey will keep your deal online until the finish line! 

A Call To Action is a crucial aid to wining more deals when we understand and define who we are calling and define the action we want them to take.

If you have ever seen a stubborn dog resisting the pull of the owner’s leash, then you have witnessed a poor CTA. Learn how you can re-orient the placement of your CTAs and get more agreement to sign more agreements!

Fundamental principle of persuasion – Whoever Tells the Better Story Wins! 

Learn how your customer intakes your pitch and presentation based on the SIX senses that make you memorable.

As you craft your Sales Positioning to be multi-sensory, you significantly increase the emotional connections that equal emotionally-based decisions. Make yourself more memorable and you will end up making more deals!

Like beauty, value is in the eye of the beholder. Considering how value transcends your product or service allows you to focus on variables that are crucial but often overlooked. 

In this session, I will convince you to buy a car! I will open up your wallet and you will spend thousands of dollars. Can your sales engagements become that easy? Want to find out?

You have a great product or service but it falls short of the sales Finish Line more often they you would like. We will build your “offer” to keep you in the race to win more!

Sales Professional Series

You want to be the best sales professional in your industry and we will show you how! We deep-dive into advance Neuro-Selling Techniques that drive buying behaviour. We will explore the role the Amygdala plays with Homeostasis and develop a deeper understanding of why the Limbic System needs to be involved in EVERY sales engagement!

AND, we will let you in on a little secret! You will learn how to help you customer embrace change and love you for it!

Learn to quickly Earn the type of trust (X-Factor!) that removes the fear of the ‘unknown’. 

The best medicine for the fear of change is a relationship built on trust. That “X” Factor will Xcelerate and Xpand your Sales Engagements past the feeling-out period to the filling-in of agreements!

Develop the “X” factor that will separate you from your competition and nurture the skills that quickly bridge the Gap between your customers current Xperience and their Xpected outcomes.

Becoming your Customer’s Advocate will transform sales engagements from a gruelling Wimbledon match and make it feel more like “Dancing with the Stars”! 

We will consider the TWO visible chairs at customer meetings and the FIVE invisible seats of influence that play a significant role in the buying process.

Seeing the sales process through the lens of the Customer Advocate will illuminate more buying signals to ensure you take the right next step in the sales process.

How do you get to Los Angeles or NYC or Tokyo? Every journey begins with a starting point and a destination in mind. 

We will learn to create a Sales GPS that effectively guides our customers to the desired destinations with clarity and comfort. Comfort demonstrates confidence in our competence – we will win more!

If you’ve had moments where you did not know what the next move should be, a mutual map can be the answer! It’s a crowded competitive world – don’t let your message get lost.

From a young age, we all hold certain truths like, “I’ll Believe it when I See it”. Instead of working against our predispositions, begin to work with how we learn and accept new concepts. 

In this module, we go all the way back to kindergarten to recognize learning and adoption patterns that still hold true as adults. Most decisions are made based on what we learned and belief to be true.

We will leverage our pre-dispositions to positively impact our Joint Sales Journeys with our customers. Giving yourself that edge that can make all the difference when securing a significant deal.

After covering what the Amygdala does in our brain and in daily life, we will quickly recognize the critical role it has been playing in most of our sales calls!

The Gatekeepers runs from us. The Budget-minded CFO fights with us… but what about most decisionmakers? We will explore how to relax the Amygdala to gain more favorable responses.

Armed with a deeper understanding, you can minimize threats that naturally creep up into most sales conversations. You will be ahead of the game before it even begins!

Industry Leaders will share their experience in building Performance cultures that inspire their staff to greater output.

You will hear about the real challenges, struggles and the pay-offs over their career.

Learn best practices of what to do and just as important, learn what NOT to do! This promises to be one of the most insightful sessions you will ever attend!