Sales Team Enablement

A key responsibility for every Sales Leader is Generating consistent Sales Performances from your team.

*According to a recent report, for every $500 investment in your Sales Training, on average you can expect an ROI of $14,500 in Sales Revenue!

*High-performing sales organizations are twice as likely to provide ongoing training compared to low-performing teams.

What type of Sales Organization are you? We Can Help

If your organization is experiencing...

Understanding Sales and Winning More

Effective Sales Communication

Sales Professional Series

Your passion creates customer interaction! In a virtual world, master the necessary techniques to win more deals!

Grow your interactions from Transactional to Relational to build the type of trust that wins more deals

62% of the Buyer’s Journey is complete before ever engaging a sales rep – Help your prospects get to the finish line!

We’ve all experience winnable deals that slipped out of our hands – Wish you were a better closer?

Balancing Pain & Pleasure with Risk & Reward strongly influences the decision-making parts of our brain.

Find out from the Apprentice of Socrates what it takes the have the right Sales Mindset!

The Passion in Your Pitch makes you memorable when the customer is ready to make a decision.

Reporting the facts is for police reports and Courtrooms – not on Sales Calls!

Often overshadowed by the Buyer’s Journey, the mission you are on matters – Your Journey matters!

“Ye have not because Ye ask Not”

Fundamental Principle of Persuasion – Whoever Tells the Better Story Wins!

Bet you I can make you spend thousands of dollars! Find out how!

The X-FACTOR removes the fear of the ‘unknown’!

Are your Sales Engagements more Wimbledon or “Dancing with the Stars”?

How do you get to Los Angeles, NYC or Tokyo? Depends on where you are starting from!

“I’ll Believe it when I See it”! Instead of working against predispositions, leverage basic rules of acceptance to win more deals!

The Amygdala is the greatest influence impacting major decisions in life and on your sales calls!