Many years ago, A key Mentor stopped and stunned me in my tracks. He accurately described the hamster wheel I was on; doing a lot of good things but perhaps not the right things. That set off a journey to put down my TO-DO list and pick up my TO-BE list. Armed with a new reality that knowing who I am will populate my to-do list with precise and aligned actions, I was instantly more effective and fulfilled. I was able to deliver more of me to the places and spaces that I impacted simply because “when you know who you are, you will know what to do!”

That shift in life was years before the emergence of Social Media. Over the past few years there is much more “noise” and clutter clamoring for our attention (Social Media is not the enemy – our management of it is!). As my life and demands on my time are growing exponentially, I found myself in need of another influencing force that prioritizes my to-do list. I’ve developed a new list – my NOT-TO-DO list. Turning down opportunities and saying NO has proven just as effective as accepting the right ones. 

So What’s on your TO-DO list? What’s on your TO-BE list? And what’s on your NOT-TO-DO list? Hopefully keeping the main thing the main thing is your main thing!